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Prevent your brands and products from being counterfeited with ACPT


The Anti-Counterfeiting & Prevention Tool

The Anti-Counterfeiting & Prevention Tool (ACPT) is the secure platform

for brands and business owners to fight against and prevent the sale of

counterfeit merchandise both online and physical stores

The Devastating Effects of Counterfeiting

  • Business and brand owners:

    • Loss of sales revenue

    • Damage of brand and product reputation

    • Fraudulent product warranty claims

    • Product liability claims

  • Consumers:

    • Serious health and safety risks

Problems facing business and brand owners

  • Isn’t it frustrating when you find out that the sales of your

genuine products drastically reduce due to unfair competition of low

price counterfeit products.

  • Isn’t it frustrating when you find out that your brand and product

reputation get damaged due to counterfeit products.

  • Isn’t it frustrating when you find out that you get sued for health

& safety issues caused by the consumption of counterfeit products.  

  • Isn’t it frustrating when you find out that your genuine products

have negative consumer reviews due to counterfeit products.

  • In conclusion:

Don’t you hate it when you find out that your products

have been counterfeited…

ResXP’s Solutions

      ResXP has invented an anti-counterfeiting solution that secures

and strengthens the distribution network between manufacturers

and end consumers ensuring that products distributed by the

network are genuine. This solution requires efforts from both buyers

and sellers with the buyers performing a 2-factor assurance (2FA)

while the sellers updating the stock levels at the time of sale.

Anti-Counterfeiting & Prevention Tool (ACPT)

ResXP has developed a web-based interactive tool, so called

ACPT (Anti-Counterfeiting & Prevention Tool), to enable the buyers to

perform the 2-factor assurance (2FA) tasks and sellers to update the

stock levels at the time of sale required during the purchase

transactions. In  particular, ACPT tool enables the followings:

For buyers:

  • 2-factor assurance (2FA):

    • Check for authorized stores

    • Track stock levels before and after the purchase

For sellers:

  • Updating stock levels reflecting the purchase


To find out how ACPT tool can protect your brand and business contact us on

+1(832)859-0754​ or emaill at

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